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Here's a video of our 2022 Year End Celebration highlighting our Sponsors and Company!

Here's the highlight video of our Company's

2022 Year End Celebration 

4 Important Time Stamps for a Real Estate Transaction

$25,000- Closing costs Assistance! Over 50 Occupations in Uniforms

4 steps to apply for Mortgage Forbearance

3 Questions About Money You need to Know When Buying a House

Top 3 Secrets to Sell Your House Quickly


The Average First-time Home Buyer

  • Is 33 years old

  • Has a household income of $86,500

  • Spends a median of $252,000 on the home purchase price

  • Makes a 7% down payment

  • Buys a home with an average square footage of 1,640 square feet

  • 37% of first-time home buyers carry student debt, with a typical balance of $30,000

​Source: National Association of REALTORS®

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