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 Top 3 things all First Time Home Buyers need to know
Why should you have an inspection done?
Top 3 Loan Products For Buyers


The Services We Provide buyers

10 Steps to Buying a Home

  1. We will walk you through the entire home buying process - from start to finish.

  2. We will refer you to qualified lenders and guide you on the lending process.

  3. We will set up showings of every home you would like to see and be there with you to answer questions and help you.

  4. We will negotiate your offer.

  5. We will help you choose a qualified home inspector and attend the inspection with you whenever possible.

  6. We will negotiate repairs and make sure any serious problems are taken care of by using the correct verbiage on the contract to ensure the repairs are completed to your satisfaction.

  7. We will monitor your loan commitment by regularly communicate with the lender to ensure your mortgage loan application is on track to closing.

  8. We will guide you through the appraisal process.

  9. We will help you decipher which home insurances are necessary and which are not.

  10. We will attend your final walk through and be there to make sure the sellers made the agreed upon repairs.

  11. We will go over all closing statements with you before the date of closing and answer any questions.

  12. We will be there when you receive your KEYS!

  13. We will be your realtors for life, not just this one transaction!

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3 Common Type of Homes Loans

From Contract to Close

Which one is Right For You?



1. Write up Offer
2. Contract Negotiated
3. Contract Accepted
4. Contract sent to Lender & Escrow Company
5. Earnest Money Deposited
6. Buyer’s Inspection period
7. Negotiation of Inspection
8. Appraisal Ordered
9. Receive Escrow Packet—Return ASAP (Possible ID affidavit requested)
10. Appraisal takes place-possible conditions
11. Document go to Lender for Underwriting
12. Lender may request additional verification of documentation
13. Final conditions from Underwriter i.e. bank statements, proof of employment
14. Final walk through/re-inspection
15. Final Approval from Underwriter/possible final conditions
16. Documents drawn by lender & sent to Escrow
17. Escrow works up your documents
18. Signing Appointment set by Escrow-expect a call

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