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  • Phamily Pantry Inc. is a Nonprofit Organization founded in 2019 to help the underserved children at grade level schools in Jacksonville FL & the surrounding areas. 

  • With the mission “SHARING IS CARING BECAUSE WE ARE A PHAMILY!”, we hope to share as much as we have and as much as we can to as many children as possible. 

  • Phamily Pantry’s goal is to support and provide children in need with the essential needs such as:

        ✅ school supplies, 
        ✅ basic hygiene products, 
        ✅ clothing, 
        ✅ shoes
        ✅ nonperishable food

  • We believe that no children should go to bed hungry or dirty, or go to school without basic school supplies, or having no warmth clothes or shoes in the winter because these children is our future and they deserved to be loved and cared for.

  • For this reason, we are accepting/needing all sources of donations and support from everyone year round in order to make it possible for our children to have what they need. 


About Vietnamese Association of Jacksonville

VAJV is a non-profit organization striving to preserve and promote cultural awareness to make Jacksonville a unique and a truly diverse city!​